Income drop due to Corona? JCFA can help!

Dance, music, or acting; every kid wants that!

Unfortunately, not every parent has enough money to pay for all of that.

The JCFA pays
the course fees for low-income parents.


To promote the JCFA, we involve people that know the youth’s interests and that have an
affinity with the city of Amsterdam. Continue reading…

Creative Classes

Culture is ballet, street dance, hip-hop. Making music, painting, rap. Musical and band. Acting.
Writing poetry, designing clothes, making jewellery and much more… Culture belongs to and is
for everyone! Continue reading…

Borrowing instruments

As well as having course fees covered, you can also borrow an instrument. Almost all
instruments can be borrowed: a violin, guitar, drums, flute, harp, cello, bassoon, trumpet—to
many to list. We can’t provide a real piano yet, but we can provide a keyboard. Continue


“Dankzij het Jongerencultuurfonds kan ik doen wat ik graag wil doen, dansen!”

– Kimberley

lees alle verhalen

“Mijn kind heeft nu een kans om op te groeien net als elk ander kind.”

– Marisa (moeder)

ik wil dat ook

“Ieder kind heeft recht op een goede toekomst. Daar werk ik graag aan mee. Ik weet dat mijn geld goed terecht komt bij het JCFA.”

– Donateur (Stichting Doen)

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