Income drop due to Corona? JCFA can help!


The Youth Culture Fund Amsterdam makes music lessons possible for children and young people in Amsterdam. If there is not enough money for lessons at home, we help with paying the tuition fees. Recently, an instrument can also be borrowed for free. The instruments are made available by the Instrument Depot Leerorkest.

The instruments are borrowed free of charge, but for the administration costs the parent is asked a one-off administration costst of € 10. The parents must also sign a loan agreement.

Almost all instruments can be borrowed: violin, guitar, drums, flute, harp, cello, bassoon, trumpet – too many to mention. We cannot yet offer a real piano, but we can offer a keyboard. Feel free to ask about the possibilities. Does the child already have music lessons and is a different or better instrument needed? That is also possible! Send an email to o.v.v. the application number and a short explanation from the music teacher about the required instrument.

Note: Borrowing an instrument is always done in combination with music lessons through the Youth Culture Fund.

Have you seen the poster online or at school and do you want to go to class? The teacher or a Parent and Child Advisor at school can help you to apply for music lessons and an instrument together with your parent (s).

For children and young people living outside Amsterdam, an application can be made via