Income drop due to Corona? JCFA can help!

What is the purpose of the JCFA??

Did you know that many kids in Amsterdam live in poor families? One in every four kids lives in
a family living below the poverty line. It is far from common for these children to go to dance or music classes.

We want all kids in Amsterdam to have the opportunity to pursue creative classes. On top of
being a lot of fun, you learn a lot too. The kids discover what they are good at. That way, they become more confident. And they learn how to interact with others. Because you can playtogether and make stuff together in those classes.

What does the JCFA do?

We make it easier for low-income parents. We show them where they can find creative classes.
And we help pay. We pay up to €450,- per school year and per kid.

What is culture?

We are the Youth Culture Fund. But what is culture? For us, culture means: taking creative classes. Think of ballet, street dance, hip-hop, playing guitar, or painting. Musical and band. But also writing poems, designing clothes, making jewellery, and a lot more… Go to for creative classes close to you.
Would you rather take swimming classes or other sports classes? Please go to Jeugdfondssport Amsterdam for that. Because we don’t help pay for that.

How does the JCF Amsterdam work?

  • 1 Step 1: Application

    The applicant submits an application for a kid/young adult to the JCFA

  • 2 Step 2: Evaluation

    A staff member at the JCFA checks if the application fulfils all requirements. If something is unclear, we reach out to the applicant.

  • 3 Step 3: Decision

    The applicant receives an email with our decision. Every application receives its own file reference number. In the event of a rejection, we try to refer the applicant as best we can.

  • 4 Step 4: Billing

    If the application has been approved, the applicant receives the
    request to email the invoice for the classes to the JCFA. The invoice may also be sent by the parent/guardian or by a cultural institution

  • 5 Step 5: Payment

    When the invoice is received, the JCFA will pay the amount due directly to the
    cultural institution as soon as possible and always within 3 weeks.

  • 6

The people behind the JCFA

The JCFA was founded in 2006 by Hanneke van Wees (Statutory/Managing Director) and Elaine
van Beurden (Honorary Member). The salary and arrangements of all other employment/working
conditions/benefits of the Director are determined the Supervisory Board, in accordance with the
current legislation and regulations.
Office staff/personnel consists of three members: Hanneke van Wees, Elvira d’Agrella, and
Hannah Kooke. Besides these staff members, the organization consists of many volunteers that
support the JCFA with recruitment and training on an on-call basis,
The JCFA has a Supervisory Board existing of people that offer their knowledge and expertise
from many different backgrounds. Members of the Supervisory Board are not compensated for
their performing their duties. Costs incurred by the members when performing their duties are
reimbursed on the basis of a statement of expenses.
We are also supported by our ambassadors.